What We Offer


Supervision is a natural process that we all experience in one way or another throughout our lives. How many of us remember learning to ride a bicycle for the first time as a child under the gentle supervision of a parent or older sibling.

When we come to look at our work and our professional life, Supervision can be a valuable tool to support us and to further our professional development under the guidance of another.

Many professionals engage in supervision around their work. Supervision has now become a profession in itself. It offers a regular safe space, to step back from our work and to reflect on our practice. It is an ever increasing tool used by many to support professional development.  It can take place one to one or in a small group setting. It offers structured reflective time to focus on the supervisee's work and to explore how this impacts and integrates with their life.

The aim of  Supervision is to enable personal growth, professional development and deepen the understanding of the supervisee’s work and its impact on their life in general. Being in Supervision can lead to a healthier work life balance and has been proven to prevent stress and burnout.

Maureen holds an MA in Cross-Professional Supervision, she welcomes professionals from all walks of life who want to make this positive choice to reflect on their work.