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The art of Mindfulness is an ancient tradition that has a shared root with many of the world’s wisdom traditions. Our ancestors knew the wisdom of pausing, taking time, and slowing down.

Mindfulness as it is practiced today has many benefits that support stronger mental health, promotes greater resilience to life’s challenges and it has been proven to help reduce our stress levels. Neuroscience now confirms that we can make significant changes to the neural pathways in our brain through the regular practice of Mindfulness thus enabling us to have a greater sense of calm, ease and to experience a deeper sense of living in the moment in our everyday lives.

Maureen began practicing meditation for many years. She was among the first group of mindfulness teachers to be trained by the Institute for Mindfulness (IMA) here in Ireland. In 2010 she was certified to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, MBSR; Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy MBCT; Maureen went on to become a facility member of the IMA and was part of the team that led many Teacher Trainings here in Ireland and in Norway. She is a skilled Mindfulness Supervisor and a founding Board member of Mindfulness Teachers of Ireland.

Still learning, she has continued her professional development with personal mindfulness retreats, supervision of her practice and further professional training in the United States with The Centre for Mindful Eating, in the UK, with Action on Addiction in Mindful Based Relapse Prevention and the Centre for Mindfulness University of Bangor in using mindfulness in one to one work, and using mindfulness with young people .b Mindfulness in School Programme in Oxford University.

In more recent years Maureen has trained under the direction of Frits Koster and Dr Erik van den Brink in Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living MBCL, and has assisted them in bringing this training to Ireland. Bringing Compassion practice into her life and work has been a real blessing to her both personally and professionally.

Ancora Imparo
I am still learning
- Michelangelo