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The Mindful Space offers a variety of programmes in Mindfulness Based Approaches they include the following. The fee for all courses includes programme manual and practice MP3s Please see our upcoming events page for details of our current courses.

Mindfulness brings awareness to our moment to moment experience thus enabling us to be more grounded and present to ourselves and the world around us. This helps us to feel less stressed

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

This eight week programme is based on the ground breaking work of Dr Jon Kabat Zinn at the Centre for Mindfulness in the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre (U Mass) In 1979 he began to teach patients the fundamentals of meditation to aid stress reduction. This course is now taught worldwide and it has helped improve thousands of lives and shown people how to use the skills of mindfulness to reduce the stress and pressures of everyday life. Research has shown that MBSR is beneficial to patients who have a variety of health conditions including the following: pain management, high blood pressure, cancer, respiratory illness, psoriasis, anxiety, panic disorders, depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and many other common conditions.

Mindful Living

This four week programme offers a good introduction to the use of Mindfulness. It is a good place to start if you want to become more aware and mindful in your daily life. Each session will introduce you to an aspect of Mindfulness with an emphasis on making a difference in your daily life. There will be practical suggestions each week to deepen your understanding of the principles and make this real in your everyday life.


Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living

This is an advanced Mindfulness programme. It is suited to those who have completed an MBSR course and who have established a regular mindfulness practice. It is based on the ground-breaking work of Dr Eric van den Brink and Frits Koster with roots in the work of Paul Gilbert from the area of Compassion Focused Therapy This is an eight session course and it was designed to run over 8 weeks. It has also been offered in the form of A Year of Mindful Living with 8 days over the year. This longer version of the programmes offers a deep immersion into the Compassion practices and participants have found it a very valuable way of incorporating deep compassion and kindness into their lives.

Days of Mindful Living

These days are offered regularly and are open to anyone who wants to take time out of the business of everyday life and to nourish themselves with mindful practice. People who have completed programmes welcome these days to support their continuing practice of mindfulness.

Drop in Mindfulness Group

Keeping up a mindful practice can have its challenges. There is a strength in practicing in a group with others. This weekly group offers a space for all to practice formal mindfulness meditation. It offers an opportunity to deepen your meditation and continue your mindful practice making it an important source of nourishment in your life. This is a drop in group requiring no ongoing commitment. It is open to people of all experience and it can be a good place to begin if you would like to know a little more about mindful practice.