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The Mindful Space

Hello, I’m Maureen Treanor.

I am a psychotherapist, Supervisor and Mindfulness Teacher. I have over 25 years’ experience of working therapeutically with people. I support people in creating change in their lives, enabling them to live with a greater sense of calm, ease and wellbeing. In founding The Mindful Space my initial vision was to create a space that fostered the practice of Mindfulness.

About Maureen


Over the years I have come to understand that Mindful Space is not just about the external physical space, rather it is about the space we cultivate internally to support our wellbeing. A space of deep internal calmness that holds us grounded in our everyday lives, a space that enables healing, wholeness and develops resilience. Helping people develop this has become my life’s work.

Maureen Treanor M.A.

Psychotherapist, Supervisor,
Mindfulness Teacher & Trainer

Maureen is a Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Mindfulness Teacher & Trainer with over 30 years of professional experience in Adult Education, Psychotherapy, Supervision and Mindfulness.

She offers a safe therapeutic space using a systemic approach that she has developed from her many years of ongoing training and professional development and her passion for lifelong learning.

What We Offer


Maureen’s aim as a Therapist is to create a safe confidential supportive space where reflection and healing can happen and where balance, wellbeing and resilience can emerge.



Mindfulness as it is practiced today has many benefits that support stronger mental health, promotes greater resilience to life’s challenges and has been proven to help reduce stress.



When we come to look at our work and our professional life, Supervision can be a valuable tool to support us and to further our professional development under the guidance of another.